Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Robin, Red Robin

I haven't been slacking off in the plant and garden department.  My geraniums and petunias have been growing under lights in the basement since January.

Yesterday I transplanted the petunias, marigolds, dill, some of the peppers and my Red Robin tomatoes.  Ripe tomatoes in another month!  I am very happy with the Red Robin tomatoes.  They will start to bloom and set on tomatoes in an 8 inch pot.  I keep transplanting them into larger pots and they just keep growing.  Last year they produced tomatoes until October. 

I have started my other tomatoes and peppers for the garden, lobelia, alyssum and my begonias.  All are still in the starting stage and won't need to be transplanted to larger pots for another week.

2011 Red Robin Tomatoes
Remember how good a real ripe tomato tastes?   No, not one of those half ripe, hard as a rock store-bought ones.  A real tomato that ripened on the vine.  Yeah, I know, they try to sell us those "on the vine" ones too, but the taste still isn't there.  It won't be long and we'll be eating our fresh home-grown veggies once again. 

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Julie said...

Damn! Every year... I am always so impressed! You are so amazing! You should write a book! It could just be a garden diary, published.