Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Whining!

I love Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are my guitar lesson days and the lesson is sooo much fun with my instructor, Doug Bond.  It's even more fun because I take the lesson with my friends, Ann and Ellie,  the Mandolin Gals. We play our instruments, try to sing along at the same time, (very difficult for me) and laugh at ourselves a lot!

There's one thing about Tuesdays that I don't love -  the errands which are always attached to lesson day.  Yesterday, it was "take the snow tires off the car" day, and after waiting for five hours at the tire center, it also included buying new tires for the Outback.  Ouch! Painful price tag!  Yes, I know.  A necessity, but I would much rather spend the money on a new keyboard or a guitar or a vacation weekend......   Not a necessity.

On the other hand, a flat tire is a major inconvenience.    

Please, no more whining!


At the end of the day I did finish the labeling and the shrink-wrap for 54 bottles of wine.  These bottles are ready to be moved to the wine cellar. 


Julie said...

I want a picture of the labels. You always have creative commentary on the tasty first impression you get from the wine. The blue wraps are new, fun and intriguing.... what is that one?

RBnorth said...

Well, they are all mixed up as the I had many colors of assorted shrink-wrap leftover and I decided to use them all up. Most of the blue ones are the Elderberry. I plan to bring you a bottle of each so you will be able to try them all out.

isthereanymorepie said...

You are definitely allowed to whine about spending 5 hours at the tire center!!!!