Saturday, January 24, 2015

What does a Seahawk Superhero really look like?

I know that everyone would like to know the answer to that question.

Our Grandson, Ben, is a big Seahawks fan just like Retired Mountain Man.  He created a poster for Grandpa Jon to set next to his computer for the big game.  

Ben is well known in our family for his Superhero Costumes.  Each day he becomes a new Superhero, who fights the forces of evil on every planet, including Earth of course.  In the photo below, he is the Glue Shaper, who fights off the bad guys by shooting them with glue shapes, which causes them to be "stuck like glue".

His mother thought that he might have reached the bottom of his costume box with this one.

And finally, but definitely not the last costume....   it is so true that the apple never falls too far from the tree.  

We are all waiting for Super Bowl Sunday to find out the answer to our biggest question.  What does a Seahawk Superhero really look like?  Only Ben knows.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Starting the New Year

We have a new visitor to our bird feeder.  The chickadees where quite concerned the first day, but soon got over it.

The Cougar Creek Band is hard at work rehearsing for our Mardi Gras gig at the Hope Memorial Community Center on Feb. 7th.

I finally took down my Christmas tree and it made it as far as the steps to the deck.

I haven't taken down any of my outdoor decorations or lights as of yet.

We have more snow and now we are going to get rain and slush.

It still looks very much like winter here.

I have started going to water aerobics at the health club.  One never knows what one might do next.  I really have never pictured myself in that particular situation.

The band chicks met for lunch and this time it included Mandolin Ann.  We had a very enjoyable time at Trinity, eating, laughing and drinking up all the warm friendship we have together.

One very nice surprise was a gift from the Bonner County Gardeners Association to Ann, Ellie and me for participating in the 2014 Garden Tour.   See the photo below.

I have ordered the last four chapters of my music theory course and the first chapter of the jazz piano course so I will either be studying or rehearsing on my piano and guitar for the next four months.

I will take breaks though....

And last but not least, I have begun my two week DASH Diet course and will be making the big push to lose the next ten pounds.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

All I want for Christmas....

I am posting Christmas stories a little late as we celebrate our Christmas on New Year's Day, so I am just now getting to it.

2014 will be remembered as the year that a few of the Christmas gifts didn't quite make it to Hope.   The hand thrown pottery gifts for Julie and Melissa were left in the garage in Victor.  For at least a half of a day there were many quips and jokes thrown at David about what else had been left in the garage.    

One of the gifts left in the garage in Victor, Montana.   A hand-thrown Hedgehog bowl, remembering Tawanda, my Mother's Day Gift back in 1999 from Jamie and David.  She was a very un-cuddly type of pet.

Dulcie Belanger Art Store, Hamilton, Montana

At least that was the case until Dylan and Sarah arrived. 

On New Year's Day as we were getting ready for our gift exchange, Dylan and Sarah went out to their car.  The temperature was a balmy 12 degrees.  The low the previous night was 5.   They brought in a poinsettia for me, but Dylan had left it in the car.  Dylan is now known as the "plant murderer". 

It really didn't matter because all I wanted for Christmas eventually ended up under my tree.  Well, almost all.  Some of us were taking photos. 

Maggie just wanted her space back.  She was thinking, "What are all of you people doing in my spot"?  "It belongs to me".  "I sure hope you leave soon".