Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What dirt?

Bad Puppy!

Oh yeah, I know.  In all the instructions I read about how to train your new puppy, you are not supposed to yell at your puppy.  But, too bad.  This puppy decided that she would continue to chew on my rug even after I had already scolded her twice.  Bad Puppy is now banished outdoors.  Since I've already done all the other things you are not supposed to do this will just top it off. 

We definitely named this dog too soon.  Maggie is such a sweet name.  We should have named her Attie (short for Attila).  She's definitely bringing out my Dirty Harry instincts... Go ahead, make my day.......

I should be more gentle.  I'll settle for "touch that again and I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week".  It usually worked on the boys.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny Days and so much to do!

I haven't taken any photos the last two days as it was so nice here and I spent all my time in garden planting, tilling and weeding.  The temperature was cool but we had sunshine.   Some of the flowers are starting to bloom and the garden is finally taking shape.  I haven't even had time to play with the puppy.  Leslie and Ellie came to visit today while Travis cut down some trees.  Maggie is finally settling down a little does not get so excited when they play.  I am still working on the biting.  She is much better but still wants to nip my hand or arm when I play with her.

We had another band practice tonight to get ready for our gig on July 2nd.  Everyone has been practicing a lot and the band is sounding good!  It looks like we will have nice weather on Sat. and also the 4th - so it should all be a lot of fun!  It is so cool to have all the kids and adults involved with the float and the parade.  What a neat experience to share with my grandkids!  I love it!  I hope some day they will get to tell their grandchildren about how they got to march in a parade on the 4th of July.

 2009 Parade

Friday, June 24, 2011

Koo Koo Sint - The Star Gazer, David Thompson

David Thompson was an incredible explorer, mapmaker and fur trader.  I found these videos about him on youtube.  When you realize how huge a task it was 200 years ago and how many miles he traveled, it is almost unbelieveable.  The first part is mostly about his life in England before he sailed to Hudson's Bay.  The rest of the videos are only a little bit about Thompson, mostly about wilderness survival, etc.  I keep waiting for Will to write a movie script about him.  Come on, Will.  Somebody needs to tell his story. 

Image from Wikipedia

The Race!

Up to this point we have been feeding Mollie outside and Maggie inside.  Maggie knows we are fixing Mollie's food and if we make a mistake and leave Mollie's food dish on the porch, Maggie tries to eat it.  After all, it tastes much better than her food. 

Last night we decided it was time for both dogs to learn that they will eat outside together.  Maggie still wanted Mollie's food and Mollie didn't want to eat because the puppy was there.  But, then they both decided they would eat and the race was on to see who could finish first and perhaps get to eat some of the other dog's food?

Maggie was the winner, but unfortunately for her, Mollie decided to eat all of her food.  :(

And yes, I used to have a life.  It was filled with gardening, hiking, mushroom hunting, playing music, etc.  That was before puppy. 

Smoked Kokanee

Jon has been working for two days on the smoked fish.  They have to be in the brine overnight and then smoked for about six hours.  Kokanee are the best smoked fish I have ever tasted.   These are the fish that Jon, Jamie, David and Dylan caught at Lake Mary Ronan in May.

These will be a very tasty appetizer!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Afternoon Nap on the front porch.

The puppy gets to be just a little bit closer to Mollie.  She must have been a good girl today.

Here we go again! More Rain!

We had beautiful sunshine yesterday and this morning......pouring rain.  Bummer.  We seriously need some dry, sunny weather here.  I guess it will be a good day to practice all the music for the 4th of July gigs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Ah, yes.  Let there be peace on Cougar Creek Road.....

Our very large fluffball, Miss Mollie.  She is a beautiful dog.

Cougar Creek Classic Blend

We bottled another carboy on Sunday.  Today I put the shrink wrap on them and the labels.  It's a dry medium red wine and has velvety dark cherry and blackberry flavors.  It is just a touch sweeter than the Concord Grape and Cherry Blush that we bottled in May.  We will wait until Sept. or Oct. to bottle the Concord Grape Wine and the other blend.  I want to find out if aging the blend one year will make a difference.  The Concord Grape Wine is definitely better if it is aged at least one year before bottling.  I think it tastes much like a dry blush, not quite as sweet as a Zinfandel.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Innocent Face?

Don't let that innocent look on her face fool you.  Yes, at 10 weeks old, Miss Maggie has learned a few more manners.  She and I can actually play together on the floor for at least ten minutes before she starts nipping too much.  I try putting a nylabone in her mouth and that works for awhile, but eventually she gets too excited and can't control herself.  She does respond positively to the "ouch" sound when she bites and she wants to make amends but it only lasts about 30 seconds.  Her coat is so soft it is hard to resist wanting to pet and hold her and she loves tummy rubs so I try to do that a lot to teach her that hands are friendly and not to be bitten.

She has learned the hard lesson about the electric fence to the garden and no longer even goes there.  She spent yesterday afternoon relaxing on the deck with Mollie while I worked in the garden.

Jon has been taking her for long walks in the woods and she likes that except the day that the Goshawk tried to attack them.  She was scared of the Goshawk and would try to hide in the brush and then run to Jon.  She finally decided Jon was going to protect her and they made their way back home.  Goshawks do make a pretty frightening sound to a puppy and a puppy could end up being dinner for the Goshawk family.

Mollie still hates the little thing and wishes she would go away.  Maggie is sometimes very obnoxious with the big dog and she is actually too patient with her.  We wish she would snap at her more often and make her mind.  We are trying to train Maggie to stay off Mollie using the training stick.  I don't know how well it will work because we are not with them all the time.   We shall see.

The fluff ball in a quiet moment.  And yes, it's only a moment.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What a fun summer that was!

Happy Father's Day to a great dad and Uncle Jon.
Brian Jon, Jamie (holding Puff), David and Jenny
Our Irish Setter, Lady

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Groudhog Day Movie-Hope variation

The alarm (puppy whining) goes off at 4:30 a.m.  I get up and find my shoes, my raincoat, my umbrella.  Maggie and I go outside and stand in the rain for her bathroom break.   It is cloudy, windy and cold.  I say, "Good Girl" and we go back inside............

The alarm (puppy whining) goes off at 4:30 a.m.  I get up and find my shoes, my raincoat, my umbrella.  Maggie and I go outside and stand in the rain for her bathroom break.   It is cloudy, windy and cold.  I say, "Good Girl" and we go back inside............

 The alarm (puppy whining) goes off at 4:30 a.m.  I get up and find my shoes, my raincoat, my umbrella.  Maggie and I go outside and stand in the rain for her bathroom break.   It is cloudy, windy and cold.  I say, "Good Girl" and we go back inside............

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Still cold and rainy here!

We have only had a few sprinkles the last two days, but it is still very cloudy and cold!  Brrrr.  I nearly froze trying to mow the lawn today.  It doesn't seem like the 18th of June at all. It's more like the 18th of March.  All of the flowers that are trying to bloom are looking very despondent.  They would really love some warmth and sunshine.  The only thing that is doing well is the grass.  Yes, indeed the grass is growing like crazy!  The last two time I have mowed the lawn it is like mowing a hayfield.  Then we have to rake it up.   This is what the garden should look like.

It doesn't even dry out enough to plant and there's not a dang thing we can do about it.  So, Jon and I are going to bottle a carboy of wine and we might drink it all too!   Well, ok I can practice the keyboard and the guitar.  Work on my nature journal or try to do some sketching.  Oh, and I could clean house.  Yuck!  No way!  I think I am bored just like my puppy.  Maggie, where are you? 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bleeding Heart Jewels

Wouldn't a necklace of these flowers be beautiful?

First Trip to Sandpoint and the Vet!

Miss Maggie Blue went to the vet yesterday for her second shot.  We soon discovered that she gets carsick and can't have food before she goes anywhere in the car.  It was a pretty scary trip for her, but very exciting at the Vet's office.  She could hardly contain herself, especially when she saw other dogs. 

She weighs 13.2 pounds at 10 weeks and the vet said she is going to be a big dog.  So much for thinking she would be like her parents who were smaller dogs.  Oh boy!  She is also going to have a very thick coat. Oh boy, again! 

She only got away from me once when she saw another puppy going into the vets.  Fortunately, the other person helped me trap her.  She was actually pretty good with the leash and collar, I just didn't have a good enough grip when she saw the other puppy.

Maggie was very glad to be home but had one more traumatic event before the day was out.  She managed to nip the electric fence wire while it was hot.  She yelped and ran all the way back to the house.  This may have one advantage in that she will no longer be tearing up the vegetable garden.  We will see. 

It appears that no damage was done as all is well today.  Kermit came to visit and gave her lots of attention and she ate it up!  She got to meet Kermit's dogs, Josie and Katie. 

I didn't know you could get gray hair from a puppy but I'm quite sure I will be totally gray before she becomes a human dog.

You notice that the photo of Maggie is inset.  That's because Mollie won't let her get that close to her. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A couple of flower shots.

Maggie Update

Maggie is growing like the weeds in my garden.  I think she is three times the size she was when we brought her home, which was only three weeks ago.   We will be taking our first trip to the vet today.  I will probably need a glass of wine and a Valium when I get home.  The puppy will be fine. The vet, I don't know.....

 I don't know how my nose got dirty, but the rest of me is pretty clean.  Update:  We have since learned that the dirty nose came from tearing open the bottom of a bag of potting soil.  When I say the bottom, I mean the entire bottom of the bag and then some.  Boy did she have a good time with that!

 Want to play fetch?  Just try to get this ball.

 Ok, now what?  I need something to chew on, play with or bite!  Take your pick!  It could be you that I chew on, play with or bite if you don't keep me entertained.

How much longer is that little dog going to stay here?   She is really annoying and I am very jealous.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcoming Ceremony

Bagpipes and musketeers were onshore to greet the party.  First, the canoeists fired a shot to see if they could come ashore, then the frontiersmen fired back with their muzzleloaders and the bagpipes began to play a welcome.

 This was the last canoe into the cove.  They are really paddling hard to make the turn.