Friday, January 29, 2010

Fly-in visitor

A Northern Pygmy Owl flew in to visit us today.  I used my zoom at max, but this is the best shot I could get.

Wine Tasting 2010

Today we racked the pear/grape wine and I tasted all of the 5 other wines that have been in cold storage for the last two months.  The white wine tastes good, the Elderberry Blossom wine is on it's way to a very distinctive taste.  The Elderberry Wine needs some body, may have to blend it with a more robust wine.  All of the wines are clear and the colors look good.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jon and I went with Neil and Ann to hunt for sheds today.  We spent about 3 hours wandering around or should I say, crashing around the woods looking for one of these jewels.  Ann found a moose skull that was in really good shape and Jon found this shed.  I think it is basket quality so I will have to get out my basket weaving materials.  It was wonderful to be outdoors and just hiking around.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am forced to upload photos from last year as so far this year is a dud!

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 2009

Our driveway, walkway, grape arbor and Jon measuring the snowfall in December.


Jon and I walked to Underwood's place today and I thought I would post some photos to compare this winter with our 2008 and 2009 winters.

This photo is on the hill hiking up to their camper.

Jan. 2010



Hike up Middle Mountain to the 120 Trail-2006

View from the 120 Trail and Jon with signs on the 120 Trail.

Looking over the backside towards Porcupine Lake.

Lunch on the 120 Trail on Middle Mountain.

Photo 1:
View above Torreon. Chagua got a little lost driving back home and we were a little concerned. She likes to sing Beatles songs when she drives and she has a tendency to just dart out in traffic without stopping, etc. Look out!

Photo 2:
Brandy in the making. One of my favorite beverages.

Torreon, Mexico Febuary 2008

Arizona, Utah, Coloado, New Mexico April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 trip to Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We flew to Vegas and rented a van with Malcom and Linda and Brian and Cindy.

We spent five days touring Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Canyon National Park, Painted Desert and also Hoover Dam.

4th of July

The Krewe Band was awesome!


I am thinking of spring and my garden. I thought I would post some of my photos from last year's garden. I have received about 20 seed catalogs in the mail and I am thoroughly enjoying them. It's hard not to spend a couple of thousand dollars on seeds, plants and various accessories for growing a spectacular

Thank heaven for charge cards.

Wreathes with dried flowers

The red wreathe is made of dried flowers from my garden. I dried the zinnias in the microwave. I did have to buy eucalyptus for a filler.

The second wreathe was made with Julie's wedding flowers that I dried. I added some dried oregano and some dried flowers that I purchased.

My Latest Projects

2010 wine carboys in their blankets in the "cold room".

Lettuce harvest

Pear-grape wine 2010
Three Gallons

I'm still working hard on my blog design and I think I almost have one that I like. In the meantime I am also working on the pear-grape wine and harvesting my lettuce that I grow under lights in my basement. In about 3 weeks I will start my petunia and pansy seeds and as soon as they sprout I will move them under the light trays downstairs. It works amazingly well. I love being able to grow plants in the middle of winter! My green thumb just can't be stopped by the weather. Plus, my lettuce tastes better and no pesticides, etc.

Kermit gave me the pear juice and I added some white grape juice. The yeast is devouring the sugar right now and converting it to alcohol. It may turn out to be a very tasty wine. We should get about 15 bottles of wine from this batch.

Jon and I have been hiking in the woods every day just taking in the scenery and looking for sheds. We usually jump at least one deer every day. Jon saw a snowshoe hare yesterday. We haven't seen any elk for several weeks, but the tracks are still pretty fresh. The weather is supposed to change today and we may have a chance of snow every day next week. I am looking forward to that. January without snow is very strange.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Year Without Winter

This is most unusual. We have very little snow this year. We're down to about an inch in the open areas and none in the woods. It's pretty easy to get around in the woods so, Jon and I have been hiking every day looking for sheds.

It's great that we do not have to shovel the walk or the deck but a little disappointing to not be able to snowshoe a bit.

I have been working on the design of this blog. The CSS code or language or whatever, is unforgiving. One little typo and I get the message, "we could not load your template", it did not parse well", etc. Oh boy. (That is actually NOT what I say!) I googled "CSS Code for dummies", but I'm too cheap to buy the book.

It's January and the house is closing in on me so I have been cleaning and sorting out all kinds of stuff to take to Goodwill or dump on my kids. It's good stuff. I know they'll love it. I can't save everything until next year's White Elephant exchange.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hike to Greens' Falls January 15, 2010

Yesterday Neil and Ann, Jon and I hiked to Greens Falls. We were not sure what the trail would be like so it was quite an adventure. There was only a small amount of snow, mostly in the fields and quite a bit of ice on the trail. We were clinging to trees and brush in a couple of spots, but many sections of the trail were dirt, branches and some mud. The temperature was about forty degrees and we only had a few sprinkles. I wish we had even a little bit of sunshine, but no go.

The falls were awesome with lots of ice on both sides and at the bottom. It was quite breezy and cold at the bottom of the falls and damp from the spray. We took LOTS of pictures and then we decided to hike on up above the falls. It is steeper there and we encountered more mud, but not too much ice. We made it to the spot where you can decide if you want to go up Greens' Ridge or Middle Mountain. We have hiked up Middle Mountain to 5137 feet, to the 120 Trail and I can tell you that I do not care to do that again. It is a very steep, strenuous hike. If you choose to hike up Middle Mountain," kiss your momma good-bye" because you might not see her again. BUT, don't let my opinion stop you. I will say that the 120 trail is impressive and the view from there is spectacular!

We had a great time on this hike and I only fell down once. I am such a klutz! I did not fall down hiking on the trail. Oh no, I fell down just standing there taking pictures. See what I mean.
The creek along the trail to Middle Mountain. It looks so serene and beautiful. It's a trick to make you continue to hike up the mountain! Don't be deceived! Turn around now! Go back!

Looking east at the falls.

The trail to Middle Mountain or "Kiss your momma good-bye"!

From the falls looking towards the Green Monarchs. Using my zoom at max!