Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can you hear Beethoven's Ninth?

I didn't get fired!  I'm still on the trail crew and it's day three.  We are two thirds of the way down the trail so we will only need one more day of work and it will be finished.

Looking up from the 1st switchback

Photo taken looking down at the 2nd switchback

Maggie on the turn at the 1st switchback

Retired Mountain. Man is almost to the 2nd turn

It was a beautiful day.  Sunshine and about 55 degrees.  Last evening I heard the frog's singing in the swamp for the first time this year. I think they were performing their version of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.  It's wonderful to listen to.  The Frog Chorale with the sounds of Cougar Creek rushing down the mountain in the background.  Welcome to Spring 2012.

I have included a clip of a performance of Beethoven's Ninth.  Enjoy.

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Linda said...

I don't see you getting fired Connie, it's looking very good.