Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yes, there's dirt on my face.

I tore out my garden today.  The nice way to say it is, "I put my garden to bed today". 

 This is reality.

Retired Mountain Man has decommissioned the fountain for the winter.

His dahlias are in full bloom.

We have 100 percent chance of rain tonight.  Hooray!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Oh no! Direct TV error #775.....

.....or how to create an additional project for today.  You know.  Retired people always have a lot of time on their hands and need something more to do.

Step one:

Retired Mountain Man fired up his chainsaw to cut out the large white fir tree that has been growing next to our daylight basement for about 37 years.    After the tree and all of the branches were removed, it left a huge area to be cleaned up and planted to grass.

 Check out the growth rings on the stump.

Step two:

Prune out the extra flowering quince branches and dig up a quince that had roots to move to the front flower bed.

This is when project number two developed.

It was difficult to dig out the quince bush, since the ground around it was filled with rocks and hard-packed clay.  We had a shovel and an axe to get the job done.   We were almost finished when RMM took one last whack with his axe and discovered that we had cut the coaxial cable to our satellite dish in half.   Oops!

I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Direct TV.  The first 10 were spent trying to get out of their automated menu so that I could speak to an "agent".  I explained to the agent that we had accidentally cut our cable and would need a service technician, but that was not enough information for him.  He had to have an error code from the TV screen.  Yes, indeed.  It was error 775.  No communication to the satellite.

The bad news was that no techician would be available until next Thursday.  Six days from now.  There are football games on TV tomorrow and even more of a problem, the Seahawks are playing on Sunday.  It had to be fixed. 

Off we went to our local Home Depot to get the parts.  We actually found a salesman at Home Depot who really knew what we needed and told Retired Mountain Man exactly how to fix it.  RMM told the guy that "if you didn't have a beard, I'd kiss you".   He took a couple of steps backward on that comment.   

The parts were about $10, so that was reasonable enough.  The question was, would it work?

I never had any doubts about it.  This is the same guy who fixed my food processor, my vacuum cleaner, my rototiller, my stove and my kitchen light fixture.  He could do it.  Plus, he would do anything so that he could watch his Seahawks.

He cut this section off from an old cable to patch into the broken one.  He had to cut 8 pieces of the cable, strip them and then add the connectors.

He has everything carefully taped over with electrical tape.

Step three:  Reboot the receiver.
Now for the real test:

Yay!  Yes, of course it worked.  On Thursday we will get to pay somewhere around $175 for a technician to come out and "fix" it or we can just think of our new quince bush as a very valuable $175 flowering quince.  It's a hybrid.

I am so happy.  We have television for our football games and Retired Mountain Man is happy.  We would have been divorced by next Thursday and that would have really cost a lot of money.

While RMM was working on the final repair details, I did get to take this photo of the sunset over his dahlias.

And one more thing....Happy Anniversary Retired Mountain Man.  Our dream was to build our house and our place on the mountain.  We've been "living the dream now for 45 years".

Happy 45th Anniversary!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Running with Scissors last night at Trinity, Sandpoint, Idaho

Our final summer gig for 2017.  Thanks to daughter-in-law Julie, I finally have some photos of Running With Scissors with Larry Guldberg, percussion and Drew Browne on bass.   Bruce Bishop, guitarist and leader of the group and Tim Gunn, our fabulous drummer.  

It was one of those perfect summer evenings.

Yes, I was having fun.

Retired Mountain Man and David were there.

Ellie and Kristine, Bob and Glen.

It was "Hope night" at Trinity.

Susan and Marcy.

Linda and Vera

Mark, caught in a very serious moment.

 Julie and Ben.

It's almost time for this gig to be over.

That's all folks.  I hope to play again next year.  See you then.