Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If you build it, we can park our car in the garage.

We took a trip over to the Bitterroot to help son number two build a shed, but first things first.  That means some time for this cute "Stink Bug".  Only Grandma could get away with giving him a cookie this size.  I love being scolded by my son.  "Mom, don't give him that cookie!"   Hmm. 

Cookie, cookie, cookie!
 (No, he didn't eat it.  The photo is of the only bite he actually took)

We are officially Grammy and Papa.  Papa and the little Stink Bug managing the train yard.

One of the reviews for the shed we are about to try to construct said that two men put it together in a day and a half.  They paid someone to post that review.  No way!  When the assembly instructions are in a one inch 3-ring binder, you know you are in for it!

Page 5 of 87 - Let's see, what do we do next?

Stink Bug helps out.

To be assembled.

These pieces go with the pieces above.  You would think with all those large pieces you see in the photo above that it wouldn't take long to put this together.  You would be wrong. 

This shed is necessary so that some of the stuff in the photo below can be moved out.   This is actually a garage.   Where do you park the car?

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  Warmer than normal temperatures -  in the eighties both days.  We did stop every once in awhile to take a look at the wildlife down at the pond below the house.

Sandhill Crane

The Sandhill Crane does not breed until it is two to seven years old. It can live up to the age of 20. Mated pairs stay together year round, and migrate south as a group with their offspring.   You can read all about them and listen to their song at this link:  All About Birds


Julie said...

Wahooo! The shed is up! Many, many, many thanks!!!

DJB said...

We couldn't have done it without your help! You guys were a HUGE help and I appreciate it so very much! THANK YOU!