Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I wonder if the Forest Service is hiring people for their trail crew?

We're still here.  Moving slowly.  It took us approximately an hour to saw and clear our way down the hillside.  I tried to take photos as we worked our way down the mountain, but it was difficult to get a shot that really showed what we were doing.

We began by sawing out some limbs that had fallen on the existing trail.  Maggie was totally confused about what we were doing.  Why weren't we just walking down the trail?  What's with all this stopping and sawing and picking up brush? 

The first switchback.

It's not too bad.  The slope is not real steep on this leg.

Now we're going down.  See my blue jacket up on the first leg of the trail?

The second switchback.  I am the brush clearer, picker upper, and thrower over the hillside person.  I am falling behind in my job in the picture below.  Retired Mountain Man has left me a lot of brush.

We've got a big chunk of a rotten tree to cut out of here.

This is the first leg of switchback number three.  I am already at the turn and I am looking back up the hillside.

The last leg of switchback three as it turns and goes up the hillside.

Ta da!  We're back at the existing trail  which continues down the hillside.

A couple of more views as I walked back up the new switchback.

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Julie said...

Great pics... looks like it will make the trail really pleasant!