Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 White Wine Bottling Day

We bottled two carboys of white wine today.  What a project!  First we sterilized 50 bottles and set them to drain in the dishwasher.  Then we siphoned the wine from the carboy into the bottles.  Soak the corks and then cork. Next, rinse off all the bottles and let them dry, then print the labels.  I will put the shrinkwrap on the bottles tomorrow and then we can move them to the wine cellar!  It took about four hours from start to the last cork and then clean-up time.  The Elderberry Blossom Wine is a sweet wine, which I do not really like, but it was an experiment this year.  The White Wine is a nice wine although not as good as last year's white.  The red wines are still cooking so I am hoping that they will all turn out to be tasty!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Transplanting Time

Time to transplant the petunias and angelonias.  The pansies and tomatoes will be next. The peppers are looking good and soon it will be time to start some lobelia and alyssum.   I just need the temperature to warm up another 5-10 degrees before anything can go outside.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Missoula Weekend

Sweet baby having a grand time outside!

JP and Melissa at the Carousel in Missoula.

Brotherly hug!

Missoula Weekend

Missoula Weekend

We had a great weekend in Missoula.  We met Jamie and family, Roy, Grandma Eileen and Kathy in Missoula and spent a couple of hours at the Carousel down by the Clark Fork River.  David and Ben escorted Grandpa Jon to Missoula and tried to shelter him from all the "big city" problems.  He was quite distraught that he had to be in Missoula three times in three days!  Julie, Grandma Eileen and I did our best to spend some money shopping but we are not very good at it.

Collin and Rylee had a ball riding on the carousel and playing at Dragon Hollow.  Ben was really enjoying all the little kids there!  The carousel moved a little too fast for Ben Bug, but he did get to try out his sunglasses and sit in the sunshine!

Unfortunately, I left my camera in Victor so I don't have any photos of the kids at the Carousel.  I am hoping to get some from Melissa or Julie to post.

We enjoyed the drive to Victor.  It is so beautiful driving along the Clark Fork  and then the Flathead River.  The Mission Mountains were in full view and still have lots of snow.  We saw about 100 buffalo grazing on the mountainside at the Bison Range.  There were also quite a few Bighorn Sheep along the roadside, yaks at Dixon, including a baby yak.  The Bitterroot Valley is always beautiful, except for all the roadside development.

Now it's back to Hope and some rainy spring weather!