Friday, April 27, 2012

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it's not the fish they are after. Henry David Thoreau

It was the last beautiful day this week before the rain moved in.  

Retired Mountain Man and I decided that we would go fishing for perch.  

Denton Slough

Fishing in Denton Slough is a social event.  The two men in the photo with 

Retired Mountain Man are from Priest River.  They frequently have their mother 

with them, but not that day.  They already had a very nice mess of fish when we 

arrived around 2:30.

Travis and Dale both stopped by to fish for bass.  Some people just stopped by to 
chat, like Tyler, who was on his way home from work (net-fishing in the lake).  
Cami, who walks her little dog a couple of laps in that locale, also stopped by to 
visit.  It's a very pleasant way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.  It's also more
entertaining if you catch some fish every once in awhile.
This is my pole.  
I was banned from casting as my first cast ended up between the two fishermen 
from Priest River. 
The next one got caught over Retired Mountain Man's line and we ended up 
losing both lines in the rocks.  
Retired Mountain Man did a lot of !#*& and I said it was OK if he cast my line 
from then on.   I think I've told you before that I am a klutz!  Yep!  Even at 
fishing.  At least I didn't trip and fall down on the rocks. 
We did catch some fish. 
  I caught one.  See the tiny one in the photo?
Fresh fried fish are very tasty.  These are going to make a couple of very nice dinners.


Julie said...

Looks like a good time. I love the Thoreau quote.

DJB said...

Cool! I sure miss that spot and fishing with Dad down at the Slough. So which freezer exactly do you store those perch fillets in? :)