Friday, April 13, 2012

New Game Cam Photos and Trail Crew Qualifications

These are some of the latest photos from Retired Mountain Man's game camera.  There were no deer this time, only elk.  Darn.

We have sunshine today so we are back on the trail crew.  It's the dirt work now.  I will try to post more trail photos tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will have dug out the trail enough that you can actually tell it's a trail. 

Retired Mountain Man is definitely the trail crew boss, as I have never done this before.

If you remember this post,  He is One of Those Guy, Guys, then you know that building a switchback is a piece of cake for Retired Mountain Man.  On the other hand, for me it's another story. I have spent plenty of time digging in the dirt in my gardens though, so I feel I have enough experience for this job.   (I hope I perform well enough that I don't get fired)

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Linda said...

Nice elk pics--no wolves yet.