Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miles to go before we sleep.

It is mid-afternoon by this time on day two.  We are still trying to make our way to Caesar's Palace.

Breaking news!  The recession is over.

There were millions and millions and millions of people in Vegas, just like what you see in these photos.  They were in every casino.  All of the casinos are enormous and all of these people were spending money.  Millions and millions and millions of dollars in one week.

 This is where you cash in your winning tickets or chips.  If you don't have anything to cash in, then you go to the ATM and get more cash.

Retired Mountain Man's favorite game.

If you are not inclined to spend your money gambling, eating or drinking, you can spend it in the shops.  Every casino has shops.  Some of them are very upscale.

Very upscale.

This shop was unbelievable.

More shoes that look expensive and also look like they would be really comfortable to wear.

We are walking.  We are walking.....  We are following the green signs which indicate that there really is a monorail somewhere.  Geez.  My feet really hurt now. 

We get thirsty and need a drink.   Notice you can buy a drink called a yardstick.  We watched someone buy two of them.  It only set him back $64.00.

When old people drink, they need several pit stops.

These were usually as far away as the monorail.  When you found one, you stopped. 

See that green sign in the distance?   We are getting closer?

I told you it was only a couple of more miles.

Finally, we get to sit down.

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 Another one of these.

Now we are walking around the Flamingo Hotel.

The swimming pool at the Flamingo.

This woman has her iPad with her in the pool.  I think she may have had one of those yardstick drinks.

The OKC Gambler on the escalator.  I know she had one of those drinks.

We've come to another bridge above the street.

And after more walking and walking and another "going up?".......

And a little more walking.....

 Look at that!  It says, "Caesars Palace"!

All the splendor of Rome.

Who needs Italy?   It's all there in Vegas.

The show we came to see, "Fire and Ice".

Personally, after all that walking, I am hungry and the Banana's Foster Gelato looks really good.

We still have to get back to our car which is parked at the Luxor Casino.   

The sun has set.  

I don't think we can make it back to the car before dark.  This place at night is a scary thought.

Miles to go before we sleep.  Miles to go before we sleep. 

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Linda said...

Trekking in Las Vegas--who knew?