Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Making wine is like having children, you love them all, but oh yes, they are different." Bunny Finkelstein, Judd Hill Winery

The time has come.  The final wine tasting was today and the judgment is that all three carboys are ready for the bottle.  This year we have an elderberry wine,  a peach/pear wine and an apple/pear wine.   They were started last fall  (October 2011 Wine Making)  and have been in cold storage for the last 5 months. 

The peach/pear wine has a beautiful color and dry fruit flavors.  The elderberry has a very rich berry flavor and a dark burgundy color..  The apple/pear has a beautiful clear straw color and a light dry crisp taste.  All three are very drinkable wines. 

I finished removing the labels and washing the last 25 bottles and now have 75 clean wine bottles ready to go.  I added the ingredients to stop any possible  fermentation which means we should be ready to bottle in a couple of days. 

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