Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Road Trip to Ross Creek Cedars

Our plan was to drive to the Ross Creek Cedar Grove.  The plan changed just outside of Clark Fork when Retired Mountain Man asked me if I'd ever been to Antelope Lake.  The answer was no, so we turned the car around and started to drive up to the lake.  It didn't take long to realize that this last winter was hard on the road.  It was steep. It was rocky.  It had a LOT of washouts, but we had X-mode in our Subaru, which means it can cling to the road like a mountain goat....  It's a good thing.

RMM explained that Antelope Lake was carved out by the flood waters from Glacial Lake Missoula.   It's difficult to visualize the size of Glacial Lake Missoula and the magnitude of the floods carving out rock to form a lake, it is.

There were some nice flowers blooming there, honeysuckle and a lot of wild roses.

These trees have mistletoe and are clinging to life on the edge of the lake.

Stromatolites on the rocky outcropping next to the road.  They are the earliest fossil evidence of life on earth.  Retired Mountain Man loves fossils and rocks.

Then we were back on Highway 200 headed to Montana.   Our next stop turned out to be Heron, Montana.  We had never been there either so we decided to check it out.  On our way we spent quite a bit of time driving towards a place named the Amber Bear Inn, but turned around and went back towards Heron.  There was a post office and an all-in-one cafe/bar/mercantile, with a few houses near.  That's it.  A very small secluded spot in Montana and in some places a very nice view of Scotchman's Peak.

Near Heron, they are in the process of replacing the one-lane bridge over the Clark Fork River.    The old bridge must be about 100' above the river.

Okay, so now we are finally just going to drive to Ross Creek Cedars.  No more stops.   Prepare yourself for a zillion photos....

I love the tree trunks with their "fingers" clinging to the earth.  Beautiful.

There's something in the water.....

It doesn't show in the photo, but the log is crushing the corner of the bench.

These two trees look like a front view and a back view.  Plus, I've always loved that other backside....

What is it?  It looks scary to me.

The End.

I forgot to post this photo.
My first picking.  These have already ripened and I've eaten most of them.   Bring on summer!