Friday, September 24, 2010

Ben and Dave Age One Comparison

We Found the Mother Lode!

To all mushroom lovers the Chanterelle Mushroom is just like gold!  It has a wonderful taste and texture.  Jon and I found these jewels yesterday afternoon.  You must have top security clearance to have access to the location.

The Boletes are not near as tasty and although the experts say they are edible, we have decided they are not up to par.  The Shaggy Manes are tasty even though they look terrible when they are cooked.  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Garden Photos

Bowls of blackberries and pink dahlia

Pink dahlia


Happy zinnias


Fall rain is here

It looks like we are in for some rain for the next few days.  I have covered my tomatoes with plastic and I hope it will help them to ripen before the first frost.  My tomato plants are loaded with beautiful green tomatoes.  The temps have been too cool this year and most of the veggies in the garden are struggling to make it.  Maybe we will get lucky and have a late frost.  Cross your fingers.

I took a couple of shots of some of the flowers before the rain hit.  The Gallardia and Brown-eyed Susans are in their glory right now!

Fall Mushroom Time

We've had a little rain and the Lobster Mushrooms are pushing up through the duff.  Jon and I hunted for about an hour yesterday and ended up with about 10 lbs. of mushrooms.  They are red and kind of ugly, just like lobsters.  Go figure.  When you slice them, they have a beautiful white flesh and the texture is quite firm compared to other mushrooms.  They are very tasty though and have a nutty flavor. They work well in a mushroom soup or added to rice.   I saute' them and add them warm to a green salad with crasins, sliced pear and walnuts.  I am drying most of these.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kamloops, Penticton and Osoyoos

Cool fountain outside the hotel/casino in Penticton

 Vineyards near Osoyoos

A lucky rainbow driving back in the USA!

Jasper National Park

As we arrived at Jasper we noticed cars pulled over and stopped to take a look.  There was a herd of elk next to the road.  Several cows, calves and three bull elk.  The big guy was keeping the little guys from the ladies.

 One of the little guys.  He was so close we could almost have reached out and touched him!

 Beautiful calf.

Big Daddy!

The next day we drove to Maligne Canyon and took a hike to see the falls.
Maligne Canyon is one of Jasper's most spectacular landmarks. Eroded by the fast-flowing Maligne River for thousands of years, it is only one meter (three feet) across in some places, but over 60 meters (200 feet) deep. There is a self-guided interpretive trail with several bridges, which follows the canyon as it courses towards the Athabasca River.

Wrong turn!

We managed to take a left at the junction and after driving about 15 miles north, we realized that we had missed Lake Louise!  Oh well.  We didn't have enough snacks to turn back so we had to keep heading for Jasper.
I can't remember where this photo was taken.

Nice glacier.

Columbia Glacier

Taken as we arrived in Cranbrook from the back seat of the car through the front windshield.  Probably the best shot I took all week.

Oh, Canada!

What can I say?  Canada has bigger mountains, more mountains, bigger forests, larger lakes, more lakes, and more mountains and more lakes.  Unfortunately, the low clouds hid the tops of many of the mountains.  We did see many glaciers and ice fields and lot of beautiful scenery.  Although Canada has all this, I can't say that their food was top notch.  After three days of driving and eating our way to Jasper and Kamloops, we finally decided to try a "Timmy's"(Tim Horton's).  The breakfast there was very tasty!  McDonald"s doesn't even compare!  The majority of the trip we were forced to eat snacks in the car to avoid starvation.

When we got home, this was all that was left of the snacks!

 We headed for Cranbrook, BC.  We stopped at Fort Steele on day two.  The blacksmith was a very interesting guy.  He gave us the piece that he made, a very cool treble clef.   He has met a lady blacksmith online who lives in Ohio and they are going to get married.  He said she is very pretty and that she could "blow on his coals anytime".  

 Settler's house and garden at Fort Steele.  Volunteers plant and take care of all the gardens there.

The happy group on the second day of our trip.

Hoodoos on the way to Cranbrook.