Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kokanee fishing on the lake.

Our friends, Mike and Teresa, took us out on the lake in their new boat.  Retired Mountain Man showed them how to catch Kokanee.

The view towards Hope and East Hope.

Teresa bringing in her first fish.  We didn't have a net so it was extra exciting to land the fish in the boat.  It was a lot of fun to watch Teresa catching the fish.  She was as excited as a five year-old with her first fish.

Retried Mountain Man put the fish in our smoker.  There's no taste equal to your own Smoked Kokanee.

My Spring flowers blooming early again this year.

The grapevines behind them are doing well too.  They will soon overtake this flower bed.

We are in what I would call our normal summer routine.  Gardening, fishing, playing some music now and then and enjoying the sunshine.  I hope you are too!