Saturday, March 31, 2018

Breaking news: The Easter Bunny has moved to Arizona...

He says he won't be back here until the temperature warms up to 70 degrees.  I can't say that I blame him.  Who wants to hop around in this stuff?

The calendar says it's Spring.   It's not truly Spring until we don't have to keep a fire around the clock.

 Each morning I go to the basement to put some wood on the fire in the furnace. We call that room our "Wood" Room, but it's probably what most people would call their Furnace Room.   It's not  a "finished" room which means you can make a bit of a mess in there and it doesn't matter.

It's where my friend Ann and I have made many of our Christmas wreathes.  A lot of small construction projects happen there from building shelves to constructing the acoustic panels for our music room.  When our sons were around, it was the place to age the venison and to cut it up for packaging in the freezer.  It's also a great storage area and the place for our second freezer and refrigerator.

It's best use other than as our furnace room is that it's a great space for my shelves with my "Grow" lights.  Retired Mountain Man and I bought the shelves from the hardware store and attached rows of fluorescent shop lights underneath each shelf.  There are four shelves which allows for plenty of room to start my garden plants.

When I head down there each morning to put another log on the fire, this is what greets me.  A little bit of sunshine.

Not only that, there is the promise of some ripe cherry tomatoes soon.

There's also some geraniums which don't have blossoms yet and about a dozen begonias.  The begonias are all beginning to sprout and some have formed leaves.  

I couldn't resist one more photo of the flowers
So what if the Easter Bunny has fled to Arizona!  Maybe the Easter Bunny has become a bit of a light-weight...  

You know, Hasenpheffer tastes really good.  Rabbit braised in a red wine gravy flavored with bacon, shallots, currant jelly and...