Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mollie and Maggie.

Mollie and Maggie just had a birthday on April 1st.   Remember when Maggie first came to Cougar Creek?

I certainly remember the first time we had to leave her for more than a couple hours.  We painstakingly cleared everything out of our bathroom and put her cage, food and water in the bathroom.  We only missed removing one item, the roll of toilet paper.  When we came home and opened the bathroom door, the entire floor (5 x 10') of the bathroom was covered with torn up tissue.  It turns out she was quite a chewer.

She chewed up everything.  Every toy, every ball, flower pots, rugs, towels, blankets........  Here she is chewing up a wine bottle box.

Meanwhile, Mollie spent her days tolerating the little thing.  One year later she still wishes it would go away.  "What a nuisance that other dog is," says Mollie. 

Today, while it was snowing outside,, both dogs got their Easter bath.  They are getting ready for the Easter Bunny and the grandkids to visit and wanted to look their best.  Tomorrow after they are both brushed and beautiful, I will take their birthday/Easter photo for 2012.

Regarding the fresh snow, it amounted to about three inches today.  The snow is also to welcome the Easter Bunny.  We always have snow for the Easter Bunny.  That is why you color the eggs those bright colors to that you can find them in the snow.

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