Thursday, January 31, 2019


Our neighbors were left with this mess after purchasing an adjacent piece of property.  The previous owner had 30 days to remove all these junk cars, boats, jet skis, campers, pickups and trucks. 

The seller had rented a piece of equipment (without chains) and attempted to drive it down a steep road to pull out all of junk.  There's quite a bit of snow, so he was soon stuck in the snow and had to call another neighbor to pull him out with a CAT.  This whole operation last Saturday blocked everyone's driveway and created a huge mess.  He told our neighbors that he actually wanted all of this stuff and was going to move it.   

He pulled all of this junk to the side of our road and then took several of the items to another property farther up the road.  The rest of it, which he had said he wanted, he just left by the side of our driveway.

Notice the pickup on top of the U-haul in the photo below.  There's also a camper, another pickup and jet skis that have been moved to this location.

The 25' boat and trailer that you see below has been moved up the road to this property and it is now blocking the entrance to the driveway into that property.

I do not have a photo of the boat at the new location, but I will update this post later.

Today our neighbors are loading the rest of the the junk that he left beside the road into a dumpster to get rid of it.  They have been left with the cost of removing all of this.

 I think justice has been served with the placement of the boat across the driveway entrance.