Thursday, April 21, 2016

From Mushrooms to tomatoes....

here we go.  It's Spring in Hope.  My expert mushroom hunter found these beautiful coral mushrooms yesterday.  I had some of them this morning, sauteed in some butter and olive oil and scrambled with some eggs.  Yes, they were very tasty.

Retired Mountain Man moved all of my plants to the deck today.  It's time for them to see sunshine, but not too much.  They aren't used to all of that bright sunlight and will get sunburn if exposed too long.

Fortunately, for the next 5 or 6 days we will be getting some rain and cloudy weather.  Perfect timing for my plants.

These jewels will be ripe soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Push the X-mode button for Space Flight.

Did you know that you could buy a car online and they will deliver it?  I didn't know that until I started looking at a buying a new Forester for Retired Mountain Man and I.  

I specifically wanted a Forester that has a very low All Wheel Drive called X-mode.  It's designed for driving up and down very steep hills.  Hmmm.  Something like "the hill" on West Spring Creek Road.

When I first contacted a dealer at Parker Subaru in CDA, I was working with a sales lady who was doing her best to find me a car that I would like and at the top of my options list was the X-mode.  There were hundreds of options to add on to the car if we wanted and RMM and did choose a few of them.  We were looking at model called "The Limited".

As the negotiations went on she suggested that I look at a different model as they had a lot more choices in color and interior, etc.  She told me that I could have some of my options installed in a model called the Premium.   We made a deal and she said they could deliver it the next day, which they did.  We signed all of the papers with a salesman named Steve.  He showed Retired Mountain Man all of the bells and whistles on the car.  We haven't had a new car for 13 years, so there is a lot to learn.  Since I am pretty much housebound right now, I waited until they were finished to hear about the details from RMM.
(This is a long story)
He bought me the manual for our new car and when I came to the X-mode section and it said that it was "optional".  All of a sudden I had this great dread.  Did this car have X-mode?  I wanted X-mode.  It was at the top of my options list.  I immediately called Steve  - as he was driving back to CDA and asked.  Then the bomb dropped.  "No", he said.  It doesn't.

OMG!  I've just bought the wrong car!  (The salesman probably thought I was a crazy person, #!%#$#, who just changed her mind.)  Fortunately, when he got back to the dealership, he found the saleslady's notes.  Yes indeed, at the top of the list was "X-mode.

He called me to right back and apologized and said that we could make an exchange in the morning.

Whew!  They were good on their word.  We got everything we wanted and more.

Here's the new car.

Let me just say that Steve knew why I wanted X-mode after he drove up here the first time.  The customer service from the dealership was most awesome, even though the X-mode feature fell through the cracks the first time around.   RMM and I love our new car.   He is the driver for the next four to six weeks as I am not allowed to drive or ride in a car for awhile.  I do get to ride in it soon when I have a Dr. appointment.  Yay!

Before I sign off I should explain X-Mode.  It's a very low AWD speed.  When you press the X-mode button on the console, the four tires appear on the NAV screen as you are driving down the road.  You do not touch the brake or the gas pedal.  You just steer as you drive up or down the hill.  If one wheel loses traction, the other one will get a little more power.  It works on all four wheels and is most awesome.  I know this because I have driven Mandolin Ann's car, which also has this feature.  Thank you, Mandolin Ann!

I just bought a car that could take me anywhere.   It has so much new technology that I think it might be able to fly the next mission to Mars..... Maybe if I put it in X-mode?


Thursday, April 14, 2016

I owe Russell $10.00, but I don't know his last name.....

I am home from the hospital and my recovery is going well!  I have a Home Health nurse who comes to see me several times a week and a Physical Therapy lady who comes to see me twice a week.  You can't beat that.  100 percent covered!  Wow!

I can't say enough about how good my doctor is.  Dr. Cipriano did an awesome replacement for me.  I had very little pain either in the hospital or at home and am on my way back to being as ornery and cantankerous as ever.  Maybe a little bossy too.  No way!

The hospital staff was awesome, from the cleaning lady who kept my room clean, the recovery room docs --- ( I think I owe one of them $10.00, his name was Russell),   --- to all of the nurses.  I felt like I was at a spa.  They delivered my newspaper, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner and responded to every buzzer as soon as they could.  

My family and friends were so supportive.  I wanted to share the photos of some of the lovely flowers they brought to my room.  All of the staff commented about how good it smelled in the hallway by my room.  One of the nurses said that someone commented about where the wonderful flower smell was coming from.  She said, "That's mine, Room 223".  Cute!

What sunshine they brought to my room!  And then there was this guy and his t-shirt!   "Pete?  Is that you Pete?"

My recovery is going so well thanks to a lot of people.  Take a look at these mushrooms that Travis brought us.  I fried up a pan and they tasted so yummy!  How could you not recover when you get to eat delicious food like this.

When I came home there was this beautiful sign made by Ben!
There was also a care package from OKC that included lots of dark chocolate and yummy treats along with many other necessary items, dried prunes being one of them.  Need I say more?  There was also delicious lasagna, pizza and pasties from Julie and David.  How about homemade cookies?  Geez.  I was spoiled.

Retired Mountain Man has been literally buzzing around the house, fetching me whatever I need, loading the dishwasher, doing the laundry, unloading dishwasher.....and it goes on and on.  He is feeling better too since he injured his back.  Soon, we will both be 100 percent and look out world!