Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is the pace picking up at your house?

We did finish that shed in Montana.  Well, it's almost finished.  

When we left, it still needed the window, door hardware, the work bench and paint inside and out. 

 Spring is definitely here and Retired Mountain Man is starting to panic and make his annual "honey do" list. 

The list:  Get the lawnmower ready.  
Put nitrogen on the lawn.  
Install the rain gutters on the eaves.

Build two raised beds for you know who.  
(She's always causing trouble and wanting something new.)
Move the deck furniture out of the shed to the deck.

Clean and install the pump in the fountain.
Get out the weather station equipment to monitor rainfall amounts.
Check dahlia tubers and get ready to plant them.

The pace of life is definitely picking up here.

We can add to all of this the band has a gig on May 12th!  

Yesterday some of the band chicks took timeout from practicing and drove to Moyie Springs to buy our seed potatoes and onion sets for the garden.  We shopped at the Farmer's Market in Bonners Ferry, an art gallery, a book store and enjoyed a very nice lunch at a little place called "Under the Sun".  Yes, they did have just about everything under the sun.  Our final stop was the Moose Valley Garden Center.  The back end of the Subaru was packed full as we headed back to Hope.  Next year we should probably take a truck.   

Today the Cougar Creek Band will have almost a full band practice.  (We are still missing Saxophone Man).  Eleven of us will be here as Banjo Man and Violin Chick are here for the next three weeks.  The house will be rockin'!


Linda said...

After getting home yesterday I checked the dahlias in the greenhouse and they are ALL sprouting--I am so excited! Yes, suddenly the days are way to short.

Julie said...

Awesome! Sounds like fun!