Thursday, October 12, 2017

The frost is on the fuchsia.

Our first snowfall for October 2017.  Winter forecast?  I hope not.  My begonia and fuchsia plants are both still blooming during the snowfall but this is truly the end of summer 2017.

I don't mind the snowy and rainy weather since today is jelly-making day.  It's finally time to do something with the grape juice and to make one of my favorite jams, Hot Pepper Jam.  It's so good on cornbread or as an appetizer on cream cheese with crackers.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Salsa Day

Sometime last April I declared that I was no longer going to can very much salsa.  I should never make declarations.  I gave away several dozen canning jars.  It turns out that this year I set a record.  I have put up 68 pints of salsa.  Sixty-eight! 

I ran out of jars.  

The next photo is one I took of my new stove.   It's not good when your stove quits on you in the middle of canning season.

It's a beautiful October Sunday and the Seahawks won!