Saturday, July 23, 2016

G. Eileen Crawford

She didn't like her first name so it was officially G. Eileen.  Over the years the G. has come to stand for Griz, as in the Montana Grizzlies.  She knew her football and was the one to beat in the annual football pool.

When your life spans more than 92 years, you have had some experiences and left your mark on the world.   My mom was always there for her five children and their spouses, her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.  Not to mention the rest of her family and friends.  She had your back.

Mom with her parents, Julius and Ella, 1924.

She was an avid sports fan and very athletic herself.  I always admired athletic ability because I do not have any.  I did not inherit any of that from my mom, but fortunately for me, I did inherit her love of music.  She and her sisters loved to sing and at every family reunion that is what they taught all of us to do.  Play music and sing.  Our music at New Year's Eve and the Oyster Party came from that tradition.  I hope that I am passing it on just like she did.

Some of my "singing" cousins.

Mom, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Betty, Grandma Ella.  Aunt Merle not in this photo.

She loved football and her favorite teams were Nebraska and the Montana Grizzlies.  She baked her delicious "Christmas Cookies" every year and mailed them to each of us.  She loved to dance and even though she was recuperating from a broken ankle, she was dancing at Dylan and Sarah's wedding last August.

In the photo below, she is standing on a chair after dancing in the conga line when we were on a cruise. She always denied doing it, but I have proof.

Topping off the champagne tree on the cruise.

Here we all are in our Nebraska Red!

She marched in the 4th of July parade with the Cougar Creek Band in 2011.

And she loved to fish!  Here she is on Seagull Charters.  

I could go on and on....

Did we get it right mom?

I love you!


We all hope to live a life as well lived as you did.  If we achieve that, we will have done something.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pole Climbing and Saw Contest- Clark Fork 4th of July 2016

Master tree climber, Joe.

Yes, it's way up there and yes, the pole moves around as he climbs it to ring the bell at the top.

The saw contest, small, medium and large cut.

If you are thinking about which brand of chainsaw to buy, this photo should give you a hint.

Let the competition begin.  There were at least a dozen entrants in all categories.

The judges, Rod and Adam, were very conscientious and intense.

 Joe, on the medium saw.

 Our master sawyer and large saw contestant, Travis, gets ready to make his cut.

This is Jen's first year in the saw contest.  He entered all three categories and did well in all of them.  Not too sure about the foot apparel though....

The champion of the large saw competition, Travis and daughter Lyndsie, with Bob awarding the trophy.

Yes, Trav, I am taking your picture, again.

Our 4th of July ended with beautiful fireworks shot off the barge in the bay.  We are so fortunate to have the invite to Cousin Kay's house to watch the event as it's right above it.
It's one of the highlights of our summer.

Thank you to Kay for hosting so many people every 4th of July evening.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Clark Fork 4th of July Parade. The best ever!

This family was definitely ready to celebrate!

The crowd lining the parade route.

Sirens, gunshots and a bagpipe.  Here we go!

And finally, the Krewe of Cougar Creek and The Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness.

Tossing moon pies.

The parade watchers lining the corner at Hayes Chevron.

The prize awarded this year, The Best Group!

100 photos of the chainsaw contest on the next blog post.