Sunday, January 15, 2012

Up on Cougar Creek

I have been thinking a lot about water.  I know, strange subject.

As I was moving furniture for the new music room, one of the jobs I kept putting off was going through our file cabinet and purging all documents and folders that were no longer necessary.  Yuck!  You know the kind.  Receipts from ten years ago, warranties for appliances you no longer have (because they died immediately after your warranty expired).

I did come across a few interesting things though.

This was one of them.

On August 26, 1991 the note says WATER!  8:00 P.M.!!!  (I know we started the project in July, but evidently didn't keep that calendar)

We were installing our new water line from Cougar Creek.  Each day Jon, his father, Jamie and Dave, worked digging the line.  It was a joint project with our neighbor, Glenn Ford, who also wanted to have water to 5 acre track next to our property.  We bought all the materials and supplied the labor.  Glenn provided a backhoe and cat.

Why was it so important?   Why do I still have this very important document?

In 1978 we drilled a well to get ready for building our house.  The well only provided about 1/2 gallon of water a minute.  After we built the house we installed a cistern to store a 1500 gallons of water in, but it was barely enough for household use.  We tried to grow a garden by hauling water to it, but finally gave that up.  No garden.  The laundromat to do the wash.  We were always worried about running out of water.  Eleven years of short showers.

When Glenn Ford offered the deal on the water, we jumped in with both feet!

It was a hot and dry August.  They worked very long days.  David and Jamie were both working other jobs to make money for college so they were doing double jobs whenever they could.  At the end of each day Jon would write on the calendar how many feet of pipe they had installed.

This is the tank installed at the upper end of the water system, just below the creek.  Water flows from the creek to the tank into the water line - with any excess water going back into Cougar Creek.

It's really nice when there is an unlimited supply of water coming out of your faucet.  You just don't think about it.  You take it for granted.  There will be water when you turn that handle.

It was quite a project trying to figure out the amount of water pressure in  4500' of two inch pipe with a fall of over 150 feet.   We had pressure reducer valves everywhere.  On Aug. 26, 1991, when we opened the upper valve up on Cougar Creek and water started trickling out of the hose down at the house, I was doing a water dance in my bare feet between the rows of corn in the garden.  Whoo hoo!  Water, water, everywhere!

Twenty years later we are having a very dry winter.  We are still hoping for lots of snow in the mountains before spring arrives so that up on Cougar Creek, the water keeps flowing.



Julie said...

Cool! That's a keeper. I can laminate that document if you would like :)
The human body and the surface of the earth are, both, roughly 75% water. However, it is all about real estate isn't it ... location, location, location?
Great job guys!

DJB said...

Twenty years of good plentiful water... you can't put a price on that! It brought tears to our eyes and joy in our hearts to see mom finally be able to give her garden the water it needed. No more hauling water in the 55 gallon drum in the back of the pickup! You guys have combined to create a garden fit for a palace!

RBnorth said...

Yes, I was so glad to have the water that I got a little delirious and developed a few too many flower beds. I think I have twelve now not counting the garden.