Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ah!  2012.  There's only one reason it's here.  The singing on New Year's Eve on Old Cougar Road.

We didn't have snow.  No sledding.  It's December 31st!  It can't be.  No snowmen.  No

snowball fights.  How can we ring in the new year?

We did our best.  A fire pit on the deck and some fireworks.

We always sing the House of the Rising Sun at midnight.  Actually, we have to sing it a

couple of times just to be sure that we do it right. I have to admit though, that our

rendition of "If I Were A Rich Man", from Fiddler on the Roof, was probably what really

brought in 2012.

Boi, boi, boi.  Boi, boi, boi! 
Sing it with feeling and have a ball!

Some party goers, both young and the old, faded towards the end.

"If I were a rich man, Daidle, deedle, daidie, digguh, digguh, deedle, daidle, dum.

All day long, I'd biddy, biddy, bum, If I were a wealthy man.  Wouldn't have to work



DJB said...

Who would have known that first picture of Dylan and JP drinking their "VodkaRootbeer" at the fire pit was an omen of great things to come!! Some beverages are best left at the concept stage.

Julie said...

Would it spoil some vast eternal plan... if we were to live in Hope Idaho!