Friday, January 20, 2012

You can't teach an old dog new tricks because she already knows.

Yes, I did it.  I put on my snow shoes yesterday and headed up the driveway to the county road.  I took both the old dog and the young dog with me.

Retired Mountain Man said the snow conditions would be better for snowshoeing the next day.  He knew that the snow was too light and fluffy and would not pack down at all.  That means that with every step, you are sinking 12" inches into the snow breaking trail. 

I was determined to go.  There was finally snow!  It was the first time in two years that we had enough snow to go snowshoeing.  So the dogs and I set off for the newspaper boxes up on the country road.

The old dog followed right on my heels stepping on the back of my shoes every so often knocking me off balance.  

Snowshoes and twelve inches of snow were a new experience for the young dog. Maggie was running around having a ball.   The first time she jumped on the back of my shoes I nearly fell down.

Then I got worried.  "What if I fell down?"  I would be just like a whale floundering on the beach.  There would be a lot of thrashing about and snow flying everywhere.  I might be there for days before I figured out how to get my shoes off so that I could get back up.

I pictured the dogs trying to help me out.  The young one would think it was time to play and jump all over me. She would be a lot of help.

Actually, I was kind of chuckling about the picture it would make (video would probably be even better), but then I thought, "Dang.  That snow would be cold!  I could die out here. I didn't even put an energy bar in my pocket.  No mobile radio, no cell phone!"

Too late.  There was no turning back now.

We got the newspapers and headed back down the driveway.  The snow was only about six inches deep on the driveway as it had been plowed.  That made it much easier to walk in.

As I approached the corner I thought to myself, "I should make this more challenging and go down the shale pit road and then cut across the field to the house.  That way I will get some exercise by really breaking some trail."  Bad idea.

The old dog knew that.  She said, "Oh jeez. She's going to make it difficult. You go right ahead and break trail dummy.  I will stay right behind you."  She was right. The snow was so deep I had to stop every 100' to rest.

The old dog said, "I told you not to go that way".   Even though I was breaking trail, the snow would not pack down.  It was still really difficult for Mollie to walk in.

Whenever she could, Mollie would break off the trail and go to the tree line where she knew the snow wasn't as deep.  Like I said, smart dog.  I could tell by the look on her face that she was grumbling to herself the entire time.  "Boy does she get some dumb ideas and I have to follow her".

An hour later the three of us were already taking our afternoon nap.

Mollie was napping because she is old.

Maggie was napping because she is young and spent the entire hike running around going berserk in the snow.

I was napping because I am old and not too bright.

Today I plan to go again.  The old dog is just going to shake her head and give me her "Boy is she stupid" look.  Even at that, she will still want to go with me.  I love that dog! 

Mollie and Maggie

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Julie said...

Hilarious! Crazy! I wish I could go with you (try to, that is)!