Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nebraskans are everywhere. You can't get away from them.

I am celebrating my mother's 88th birthday!  She is an avid sport's fan.  Football, basketball and golf,   Born in Nebraska her favorite team has always been the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  She is a very loyal fan and over the years seldom missed either listening or watching a Nebraska game.

She is also an avid (or is it rabid?) Montana Grizzly fan, which makes her football pool nickname, Griz Eileen fit her to a tee!  Yes, she is the person to beat in the pool! 

Mom and the referees frequently do not agree.  She sees a lot of bad "calls" in most football games.  If we attend a game at the stadium, we are careful not to be within earshot of any refs. 

This is look she would give a referee.

 Actually, this photo was taken on Lake Pend Oreille while we were fishing for the big one on Seagull Charters!

Like the sport's fan she is, she is always ready for adventure and willing to try something new.  In 2004 we rented Lunch Peak Lookout (Elevation 6412 feet) for a three night stay and asked mom to come with us.   There's nothing in the lookout except a table so we took our sleeping bags and air mattresses, food and water, and cooking and eating utensils.

The view from the lookout is breathtaking.  Montana to the east, Lake Pend Oreille and the lights from Sandpoint as night falls, Chimney Rock and the sunset to the west.

Mom with Mitchell and Bailee at the Lookout

We spent the night at the lookout and the next morning a pickup with an Idaho Fish and Game logo on the side drove up below the lookout.  Two people got out of the pickup, a Fish and Game Officer and an elderly man.  As we watched they started walking up the last steep hill to get to the lookout.  You don't expect visitors when you are at Lunch Peak Lookout.  People don't just drop by.  It's a destination.  The last few miles of "road" to lookout can only be described as very steep, narrow and rocky. 

What could the officer be doing all the way up here?  He introduced himself and said the elderly gentleman was his father.  His father was visiting from Nebraska and he had always wanted to show him the view from the lookout.

Nebraska?!  The man was from Nebraska?  He's showed up here at the lookout?
When Griz Eileen was here?  No way!   Two Nebraska football fans meet on the top of Lunch Peak in Idaho? 

That was the beginning of a very long detailed conversation about Nebraska football.  You see, he was a former radio announcer from North Platte, who broadcast the football games my mom used to listen to.  They had an in-depth discussion about coaches, players, specific games and the future of Nebraska football.  The rest of us just listened with a smile on our face.

 Here she is with a fish she caught on Lake Pend Oreille.

 Happy Birthday, Mom!


isthereanymorepie said...

Happy Birthday, Eileen!!! GO BIG RED!!!!

Julie said...

Raising a glass to the "Birthday Girl"...
Cheers and Happy Birthday to the Fabulous Griz Eileen!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Eileen!