Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making the corner...

We did get a lot of snow over the past two days although it was not as much as other areas of Idaho and Montana.  We had our driveway plowed after the first big snowfall.  Then the next snowstorm arrived and a decision had to be made.  It looked like the forecast was calling for rain.  Rain is a problem on six inches of snow.  It's very hard to drive in especially going up the hill. 

 It is a joint decision that we make with our neighbors.  There are usually multiple phone calls.  

When is the next time one of us really needs to get out?  Meaning we have to be able to make it around the corner of our driveway and up to county road without getting stuck or going in the ditch.

Making the Corner
The photo below is of the trees on the side of the road after you have "made the corner" and you are headed up the road. 

Quite a few people have been stuck on "the corner" in the last thirty years.  The neighbors, the UPS man, both of our sons, me.......  Making the corner is a challenge, an obstacle to be overcome.  If you have conquered that, you can do anything.  Well, almost. 

You still have to get to the county road. 

You are really hoping that no one is coming down Spring Creek Road right now, because you can't stop at the top!  You have to keep your momentum up.  You are driving as fast as you can so that the car will burst through the snow berm that you know the county plow has left blocking the road.   Then you slide into a sharp left turn onto Spring Creek Road.  Kind of like Mario Andretti would do - only with the snow flying. 

Fortunately for me, there has never been another car driving down Spring Creek when I made that turn.

The Alternative - Walking?
While Retired Mountain Man and our neighbors were discussing the driveway question, Mollie, Maggie and I headed up the road on foot to the to pick up our fresh eggs at Blue Moon Ranch.  At the top we also needed to pick up the package that the UPS driver had left for us in the Bus Stop House.  It is a little house our sons built in the 80's and is next to the newspaper boxes.  It's a safe place for the UPS man to leave a package when he can't get down our road.

Maggie breaking trail on the driveway on the way to Blue Moon Ranch.

The Discussion
How much snow is on the driveway?  Is the snow light and fluffy or is it heavy, wet snow?  What is the temperature going to be?  Will we have  a sheet of ice?  Will it rain on top of the snow?   Who needs to get out and when?  When is the next storm going to arrive?  Should we put gravel on the corner?  Whose turn is it to phone the snowplow man?

By the time I got back the decision had been made.  

We would get the driveway plowed again.  It looks like rain  is on the way.  

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