Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wolverine Station Deployment

This study is a joint project with the Idaho Conservation League, the Idaho Fish and Game and the Friends of Scotchman's Peak Wilderness Organization.  This station is one of several setup at different locations around our area.

Ann and Retired Mountain Man are setting up the station, hanging the beaver carcass in the tree.

Apparently to a wolverine, a beaver is similar to a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese. The goal is to lure a wolverine to the beaver hung on the tree. A dozen wire gun cleaning brushes are screwed to the tree to catch hair from the wolverine for genetic testing.

I will have more photos later.  Be sure to check back.

The camouflaged camera is above the red tape on the tree in the left of the photo.
Photos - from Neil and Ann

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DJB said...

Sweet action! Let's bag us a wolverine! Until now a creature of pure myth and legend, we will soon have proof of its existence! Next up, Bigfoot!