Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ghost Tree

 Retired Mountain Man calls this one the Ghost Tree.
(Note:  These photos were taken late yesterday afternoon.  Jan. 17th.)

 The Ghost Tree is up on Greens' Ridge.  The wind has been blowing hard here all day and most of the snow has blown off the trees except for a few that had a lot of snow frozen to the boughs. I wish the photos were better but it was just getting too dark to get a good shot.

The storm rages on Greens' Ridge
The Ghost Tree is on the 2nd small clearing from the top of the ridge.

Now, this is winter!  This is more like it.  Bitter wind, cold, snow and ice.  It brings up all these questions.  
Do you think we can make it around the corner of the driveway?  

Has the snow been plowed off on Spring Creek Road?  

Did they sand "the hill"  on Spring Creek Road? (very important)

Should we have our driveway plowed out today or wait for the next storm?

All good questions. 

This is what we need to really appreciate spring. 

Update:  7:00 a.m. January 18th.  
The storm was here and gone by 6:00 p.m. last night.  It turns out it was just a baby La Niña storm.  We are waiting for the big one to hit today. 


Julie said...

The Ghost [Tree] of Christmas Past!

RBnorth said...

Yes! Bah humbug! Still snowing here but it's the light fluffy stuff again. Where is real winter?

DJB said...

Boredom? Yes! You guys should clip on those snow shoes and go up the ridge to speak to the "ghost tree"! Cool pictures! You should buy yourself a new camera and give us yours.