Sunday, June 17, 2012

What dads do.  Teach their sons how to do things such as how to catch fish.  The Lake Mary Ronan annual Father's Day fishing trip (which is actually sometime in May) is an event they all look forward to.  Unfortunately, this year Retired Mountain Man didn't make it, but he had already taught the rest of the group how to catch a lot of very nice Kokanee.  We have some beautiful fish waiting to be smoked this summer.

2009 Fishing Trip

Dave with fish on Priest Lake
There's more.

Let's see, how to mow the lawn, dig post holes and build a fence, raise chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, cattle, etc.  Change the oil in your car and repair just about anything that breaks down on your car because it is a very old used car.  

Study at school.

How to hunt and dress out a deer.

 Please Study

How to shovel snow off the roof.

 Keep on Studying.

How to split wood.

A little adventure.  How to hunt for fossils.


JP with his first degree.  The second one to come later.

How to capture a bear.  Well, maybe.

How to clean ducks.  Griz Eileen is helping out here.

Keep on studying!

How to make firewood.

More fishing.

How to play poker. You win some you lose some.

Yes!!  This one was really a "finally"!  Whew!

Dave gets his PhD.  How many years did you say that would take?

And now back to the everyday stuff.......

How to brush the snow off the satellite dish.

 How to be a good dad.

JP and Rylee

Whew!  This is hard work.

Maybe I will get to go outside soon?  He's finally got my shoes on.

 I love this photo.  It was taken in the garden at the Loman Place in 1975.  

Happy Dad's Day! 


DJB said...

James Paul and I got to learn how to do all of those wonderfully important Dad jobs because we had the best Dad and teacher there is. He taught us how to work hard, smart and do a good job. Not to mention he taught us an awful lot about the world along the way. He untangled a whole lot of fishing lines and was always happiest when one of his boys caught the big fish, rather than himself. Now poker hands, that's another matter! Thanks Dad! :)

Julie said...

Wonderful montage to greatness!