Saturday, June 2, 2012

Need a mood booster?

They say that having a dog is very good for your health.  I think it is true.  Every day when Mr. Dylan comes from a long day working for the USFS, Maggie is here to welcome him, sitting on the front porch wagging her tail as he drives up.  She knows that it won't be long and Dylan will want to play with her.  She has been waiting all day for that time to arrive.   

She still makes little pig noises when she gets cuddled, just like she did as a puppy.  Funny!

Dylan's "best friend".

Miss Maggie:  loyal, intelligent (except for the retrieving disability), devoted and affectionate.

Playing and cuddling with your dog is supposed to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.  

A dog can make you laugh even when you've had a bad day, which would include cold, wet, rainy days cutting down trees for the Forest Service. 

A dog's only wish in life is to make you happy.  How cool is that?


Julie said...

Hmmmm... that fluffy, cuddly thing would boost my mood too. Ours will fetch from morning until night....Wanna trade?

Julie said...

I sure miss the big one! Hug him for me Maggie!