Friday, June 1, 2012

It's a Petosa Baby!

Our own Accordion Gal came home yesterday with her new Petosa.  What a beautiful instrument.  She and Coronet King only risked life and limb traveling to Seattle to shop for this new addition. (If you haven't heard the news, there were four murders within five blocks of the Petosa Shop)

Not knowing a thing about accordions, I decided to google "Petosa" to see what I could find out. The search immediately takes you to  It only takes a year to make a Petosa Accordion.  The wood used in making the instrument has to be aged 20 years before it is cut and shaped into accordion pieces.  A Petosa accordion begins as a seasoned mahogany box which is covered with burnished celluloid and filled with 3800 handmade parts.  3800 handmade parts. The Petosa Factory is in Italy where they are painstakingly handcrafted and then shipped to the Seattle shop for fine tuning. 

Congratulations Accordion Gal!
Wow!  This is sooo awesome!

I am hoping she will bring it with her to our jam session on Sunday.


Julie said...

Wow! So... are these piano bellows considered a woodwind instrument or a precussion instrument? What a complicated, cool creation!

RBnorth said...

I think it is a woodwind, but I'm not sure. Will have to check it out.

Linda said...

Too funny Connie, you know more about a Petosa than I do--sounds pretty impressive though. I'm bringing it to practice. This is what I found out:
it is classified as a wood wind because it uses reeds and uses air to create a vibration in the central cavit creating the sounds

Read more:

isthereanymorepie said...

Hurray! We should celebrate the new addition with an Italian dinner in July. :)