Friday, June 22, 2012

We've had two days of sunshine and warm temperatures before the next batch of rain heads our way.  I have been trying to finish planting the vegetable garden even though it is really too wet, but time is up!  Yesterday, after working in the garden until mid-day I decided I needed a few more bags of compost and manure so I made my last trip to the Home Depot gardening department. (It probably wasn't my last trip to the garden department, but it will make Retired Mountain Man happy if he thinks it was my last trip)

While I was at Home Depot Retired Mountain Man called me to find out what the settings were on my camera so that he could take some pictures.  This is unusual as he never takes pictures.  There must be something very interesting to shoot if he is asking how to use the camera.  A bear?  A mountain lion?  A moose?  The Goshawk?

It turns out the camera needed to be on the macro setting to take the photos.

This is what he ended up with.

He's kind of a cute little guy.


Julie said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing your find!
After saying "Wow" a few times, Ben said, "It's not green!". He wasn't disappointed. He was just being observant and intrigued. Our lesson for the day: What Kinds of Frogs Are Not Green?

Linda said...

LOVE it.