Monday, May 14, 2012

Our big night on the town

Friday night some of the Krewe Band members and spouses traveled to Bonner's Ferry to attend a concert  by our guitar/mandolin/ singing instructor, Doug Bond.  The event was held at a new venue in Bonner's Ferry called The Pearl.  It was previously a church and has been renovated as a theater.   They serve beer and wine and delicious desserts during the performance. 

We decided that first we would eat at Papa Byrd's Bistro, which it turns out, serves really awesome Italian food.  They also had a band playing gypsy jazz music while we ate.  After that we would have dessert at The Pearl and enjoy the concert.

Unfortunately, I did not take my camera but Recorder Man, Neil, did share this photo with me.

Our violin chick also took photos and I am hoping she will eventually post something on her blog.   I will provide a link when she does.

Doug played the guitar and mandolin and sang for over two hours.  It was a great performance!   He is a very talented musician who also has an awesome voice. 

Every Tuesday for an hour and a half, he very patiently teaches us new licks, new songs, new harmony - for the guitar, the mandolin, the violin, you name it.  He somehow manages to always stay positive and has a great sense of humor.  Trust me, he needs it when he's teaching the band chicks.

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