Saturday, May 5, 2012



Those were the words we were hoping to hear back in our Seagull Charter fishing days.  We used to fish during the week of the K & K Derby which was always the first week in May.  Every year we would book Seagull Charters for opening day. 

Retired Mountain Man and Roy

We enjoyed it so much that we also booked a day of fishing every fall.  Over the years there were a lot of friends and family that joined us for the day.

Griz Eileen almost always went with us.

Here she is posing for the camera.

Ah ha!  She's actually fishing here.

JP and his fish.  It's on the wall in his living room.

The Seagull was a very nice charter boat with a heater and a nice cabin to keep you warm on the cold mornings.  It could accommodate six people (and all of their food and beverages) very comfortably. 

David R. and JP, who both caught big fish that day.

Glenn and Retired Mountain Man

Sometimes the fish were not biting.  There was a lot of extra time to do other things such as work the daily crossword puzzle.

Grandma Lois and JP

Patty with her fish.

A view of the cabin.

Captain Jim and Uncle Roy


Although we no longer fish during the derby and Captain Jim has retired, the Seagull is still out there fishing on Lake Pend Oreille. 

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Julie said...

Awesome! Are they still in operation? I wanna go!