Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I can't be there until tomorrow morning around 8:30. Would that be OK with you?

Have you ever heard those words from an appliance repairman? 

Yesterday, I turned on my dishwasher and it made the most horrible sound!  Trust me, it's a sound that no woman wants to hear.  My dishwasher is on it's deathbed!  NO!  No way!   I have only had it for fifteen years.  How could it possibly be on it's last dish washing legs?

Luckily for me, my appliance repairman lives about a mile up the road.  The A-1 Man.  When I called him, he said, "The earliest I can get there to look at it would be tomorrow morning around 8:30!"  I love that guy! 

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DJB said...

NO! Don't fix it! Replace that damn thing! This is your big chance! That thing makes more noise than a ball mill full of rocks! Just bribe the repair guy into telling Dad that it can't be fixed and you can get one of those new quiet washers! I can't wait until ours dies so we can get a nice quiet one.