Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wild mushrooms have a wide range of flavor and each variety has a deep, delicate unique taste.

If you haven't tried wild mushrooms, I would recommend it even if you have to buy the dried wild mushrooms at your local market.  In our area there are many edible spring and fall mushrooms to hunt and harvest. 

Whenever it has not been raining, Retired Mountain Man has been hunting for these little jewels.

He has found enough of them so that I can make a Wild Mushroom Orzo for the potluck tonight.

Yesterday he found a nice cluster of Coral Mushrooms.  The deer had eaten a lot of them but were kind enough to leave some for us.  These are ready for the dehydrator.

Fried Coral Mushrooms

These were dipped in Eggbeaters (to convince myself I am cutting down on the cholesterol), lightly coated with flour, and fried in butter.  Yes, they taste really good!


DJB said...

Ok, bad enough you show us the beautiful collection of morels, but downright cruel to have a pic of the fresh corals frying in the butter! Those looks SO GOOD!!!

I'm going scouting this week, period.

Julie said...

YUM!!! Soooo jealous!!!