Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Born to be Wild

Mom's and grandmothers, they are always there for you even when you screw it up.   There are five siblings in my family.  Let me just say that we didn't exactly fall into the angelic category when we were growing up.   

Yes, I carried a fifth of vodka hidden in my purse (it was a big purse), off the bus  on my Senior Sneak Trip for one of my friends.  Yep, we got in a lot of trouble.   As for my brother, Guitar Man, I can't even begin to tell you........  In 1969 he did take my sister Kathy's beautiful new baby blue Chevrolet Malibu and rolled it (several times) on a very rural gravel road. He had serious injuries but managed to crawl to a farm house for help.  Back in those days you simply had to find out how fast a car would go.  100 mph? 120 mph?

Notice in the photos below that my mom has really beautiful gray hair. 

Mom holding Mitzi, Kathy, Connie,?(who is that?), Grandma Ella and Don.

The last of the trouble-makers, Roy.
We lived across the street from the school (in the photo above).  When Roy (now known as Runaway Roy, but that's another story) was 4 years old he used to go across the street to the playground so that he could play with the kids at recess.  One day mom looked out the door for Roy and saw the school secretary chasing him across the playground.  She thought he was a kindergarten student and that he was running away from school.  The secretary, who was a little bit pudgy, was running as fast as she could yelling, "come back here", while Roy was scampering for home as fast as his little legs could carry him.  

Roy, Mitzi, our future biker, and Don (his bike at the time)
Do you think the photo above was taken in the 60's?  Get your motor runnin'.  Head out on the highway, lookin' for adventure?  Absolutely!

Once Griz Eileen finished with the five of us, she started working on raising grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

Jamie, Tessa and David, 1975

With Collin in 1998

Ben in 2009
Rylee and Collin in 2004

Happy Mother's Day!

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Ben, you come from a long line of hooligans!