Saturday, March 17, 2012

Call for the captain ashore........ let me go home. No way!

When your trip that you have been planning for a year has been cancelled, you just have to reminisce about the one in the past. 

The Sea Princess

San Juan 2002

Sail-away at 11:00 p.m November 9, 2002

Dazed and confused

We had traveled for two days to get to our departure. 


Retired Mountain Man on Aruba.

We went to Caracas, Venezuela.

We visited the home of Simón Bolívar

Port of La Guaira, Venezuela

A blur as we head up the mountain on the bus.

The glass factory in the mountains above Caracas.

This man was an incredible artist.  We watched him make this clown and two other glass pieces while we were there.


We went to Grenada and tendered ashore.  A new experience for us.  Remember when we invaded this island in the 80's?

My favorite port, Dominica.

We hiked up in the rain forest to view several falls.

 Yes, eventually it started raining.  The temperature was in the high 80's.

Our tour guide thought we were nuts.  She got out her umbrella.

We were a little wet!

But we didn't care.  We were having a ball!  (I will say that OKC Man looks a little distressed in these photos.  He may have had the same opinion as the tour guide.)

We were definitely "off the mountain".

We were so lucky to get to visit all those interesting places!

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isthereanymorepie said...

I'm so sorry your cruise was cancelled!!!!! You looked like the last one was so much fun. Boo hoo!