Thursday, March 15, 2012

Curls, anyone?

Do you remember when you where a little girl and your mom used to give you a perm?  I don't think I'll ever forget the odor of the solutions they put on your hair back then.  I think they might have been toxic.

"Are you sure you should be putting that stuff on my head, mom"?

 There were lots of little tiny curlers and they were so tight they made your head hurt.  You had to sit and wait forever while the perm "took" or something like that.

I don't know what they do nowadays.  I guess that's one of the reasons my hair is now straight.  No perm, no dye, no curlers.

It looks like I have a combo style here.  Straight with curls on the side.  Yikes!

And here I am stylin' on the front porch.  The straight look emerges. 

Curls on the top.  Ew!

"Don't take my picture, mister or you're a dead man".


Julie said...

Cute! So Cute! Connie, I think Ben looks so much like you! He gave me that same pout today when I told him to pick up his toys.

DJB said...

Holy spittin image Batman! Ben looks just like you! He even comes with that pouty scowl that says "Are you kidding me? I'm gonna kick your butt!" Great pictures!

Linda said...

That's a good look--maybe you should try that again. :)

RBnorth said...

LOL! I don't think so! Hey Dave, let that boy get some curls and we'll compare photos again. :-)

Julie said...

Do you still have the dress? The kid grows hair like a nap weed grows "a" flower and I have a curling iron ;) I feel a photo shoot coming on.