Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Ball, Blue Ball

They say that if you don't train a Border Collie to give them a job to do they will find something to do.  We are training Maggie to keep the critters out of our yard and garden.  She is starting to catch on and takes off after deer whenever they approach the yard.

Apparently, that is not enough of a job for Miss Maggie.  She thinks her job is to bring in firewood.

Oops.  My bad.  It's wheelbarrow.

Once a week Retired Mountain Man hauls in wood to the basement.  He uses the wheelbarrow and he always plays a game with the dogs.  They play Red Ball, Blue Ball.  He throws the red ball for Mollie and the blue ball for Maggie.  They each retrieve their ball.  Mollie brings back her ball and drops it in the wheelbarrow.  Maggie hasn't figured that out yet and will only bring her ball back to within four feet of the wheelbarrow.

They play the game the entire time he is bringing in the wood.  

One thing you should know is that Retired Mountain Man is very picky about his wood piles.  They are neatly stacked and covered with plastic to keep the wood dry.  They are like a work of art.

Whenever a wood pile gets low enough that she can reach the plastic, Maggie pulls off the plastic and starts bringing wood to the yard.  At first we would put the wood back.  That was a waste of time.  Every day she hauls more wood.  Maybe she thinks that if she brings it to the yard, Retired Mountain Man will come out and play.

Now we have decided that we will try to figure out a way to get her to haul the wood to the basement door.  It would also be nice if she would stack it instead of just leaving it scattered around the yard.

Good dog!


Linda said...

Haha, I think she likes watching you play her game.

Julie said...

Good luck with that! Man, border collies are half crazy.