Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training session #2, Lake Estelle

I am just getting back to our training session blog when we were training to hike Scotchman's Peak.  This was our second training.  A hike and overnight.  Could we really do it?  

Our next adventure was to hike into Lake Estelle and stay overnight.  How much weight could we each carry?  Would we be able to do it?  What camping gear did we need?  There was a lot of planning and a long list of supplies.  How much would each pack weigh?

Retired Mountain Man on his way to the lake.

We decided that Retired Mountain Man would carry the heaviest pack.  He took off for Lake Estelle like a greyhound chasing the rabbit.  I have two photos of him and didn't see him again until I got to the lake.

What a beautiful little lake.  We caught fish and fried them up for dinner.   We had our sleeping bags and lightweight pads, but sleeping on the ground was not comfortable.  There seemed to be either a rock or a tree root poking into your back most of the night.  It was a minor drawback to the whole experience.  The rest was a lot of fun!

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Julie said...

There is nothing like fresh fan fried fish over an open fire! Oh, that view; what a beautiful reward!