Monday, February 20, 2012

Fat Sunday

King Eric and Queen Britt looking down on the Little Princes.

Two of the Little Princes

Thanks to Mandolin Gal and Recorder Man, we have enjoyed this great party for five years now.  It's a fantastic way to beat back the February blues.

 The Second Line tries to get in line.

The leader of the Second Line

Captain Bruce, Maid Marilyn and Mr. Trombone Man

Happy Fat Tuesday revelers!

The Third Little Prince and The Count of Mardi Gras

Saxophone Man, Captain Bruce and Maid Marilyn

The flambeau carriers and the Grand Master with her trusty steed lead the way.

Retired Mountain Men and the Grand Master of the Parade, Miss Julie.

Krewe of Cougar Creek Float Driver

Saxophone Man and Trombone Man warming up.


The crowd waiting for the throws


The King makes a proclamation.

Mr. Trombone Man.  Will he be ruled by King Eric?

The King and Queen enjoying the festivities

When the parade was over, we all moved inside for the feasting and other festivities.

The Menu

Shrimp Remoulade

Crawfish Etouffée


Seafood Gumbo

Red Beans and Rice

Chicken and Andouille Gumbo

King Cake

The food was divine!  You couldn't possibly eat any food in New Orleans or Mobile that was better than this!  The lucky ones found "a baby" in their piece of King Cake, which means they will bake a King Cake for next year's party.

They are so happy they found the baby in their King Cake.

More beads, please.

There must be girls our age here somewhere.

Dinner was followed with our version of Mardi Gras music by the Krewe of Cougar Creek Band.

The morning after.  Hmmm.  More snow.  Come on Spring!

The clean-up Krewe moves in today. 


Julie said...

AWESOME! So sorry to have missed it! Thanks for the great pictures!!! Cheers!

Linda said...

Love the pictures and the caption for Jensen and Orion, so true.

isthereanymorepie said...

Wow! The costumes are almost as impressive as the menu!!!!!!!!