Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Cougar Road Mardi Gras Float Hazard

I'm sure they don't have to deal with this type of problem in Mobile or New Orleans.  No worries.  We are prepared.  It is still snowing this morning and the forecast for the low temperature tonight is 25 degrees.  No one will be taking off their bras or any other article of clothing and throwing them into the trees during our parade.  We will all have on our long underwear, coats, snow boots, hats and gloves.  The good times will still roll   --  in the snow.  

As the snow slowly melts in the days ahead, Retired Mountain Man and I will find all kinds of Mardi Gras beads, doubloons  and Moon Pies that were left behind when they sank in the snow banks as they were thrown off the float.  It's a prelude to hunting for Easter Eggs. 

What kind of celebration will you have on Fat Tuesday?  

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Linda said...

I like the snow better than the mud we had one year, this is what we needed for New year's Eve.