Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beating back the mid February blues

Old Cougar Creek with February slush on top.   The weather has definitely taken a change.  We have thawing temperatures slowly melting the snow.   Once we get through these dreary days spring will be here!

Yesterday was an action packed day as we went to watch Lyndsie's team play in the district basketball tournament.  They won and will be going to the state tournament soon!   That event was soon followed by the Valentine's Day dinner and dance at our neighbors!  Not only were there were some great dance tunes from the 50's and 60's but there were some very nimble dancers too!  Why didn't I take my camera to these events to share photos with you?  Sorry to say, I just don't have this photographer and blog stuff down yet.  The evening ended with some raucous dancing to the Rolling Stones.  Brown Sugar, Jumpin' Jack Flash and of course, I Can't Get No Satisfaction.   Next year I will remember to take my camera. 

One other way to beat back the February blues is jamming with the Krewe of Cougar Creek.  Today at 3:00.

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