Thursday, February 2, 2012

Border Collie Rendezvous, anyone?

Retired Mountain Man and I decided we are willing to host this first-time event this summer.  We started counting the number of border collies in the family and the total we came up with is six.  Josie-Jo,  Thompson, Mollie, Maggie, Sophie, and the baby, Mackay.  We think six would be enough for a rendezvous.  

How did we come up with this idea?  Yesterday Cousin Kermit dropped by to introduce us to his new border collie puppy, Mackay, pronounced "Mackie" or Mackie-Mack.  I am not sure I am spelling her name right.

Maggie wanted to play.  So did Mackay.  There was nothing but a blur of two dogs racing around the living room and the kitchen.  Mackay is a smart dog and whenever she needed to rest, would take refuge from Maggie in a hidey-hole that Maggie couldn't reach.  Hiding under a chair worked really good.

 There is nothing cuter than this little fluff ball.

 Border Collies will look you right in the eye.  They are always watching to see what it is you are going to do.  They are waiting for you to give them a command.  Something to do.  If you don't give them something to do, they will find something to do on their own.  Dig up your flower bed.  Chew up your broom.  Drag your neighbors doormat to your house.  Need I say more?

They are so smart that it doesn't take long for their owners to become smitten!   They love their little dogs! 

A border collie rendezvous could be fun.  We could setup an agility course on the front lawn and watch them go!  A Frisbee contest?  A retrieving event?  There's no entry fee.  Just bring your border collie and either a six-pack or a bottle of wine so that the owners can sit back and watch the show.


Julie said...

Let's do it!!! Sophie is ready to go!

RBnorth said...

Sophie will be the fastest!! Hands Down!

Julie said...

Ah, yes... we could give out prizes in many catagories. Maggie and Mackay may be tied for "Cutest", though.