Monday, December 19, 2011

Yesterday the moose were on the move. I think they heard that our neighbors, Neil and Ann, were having their Christmas Open House.  They thought they were invited.

These two were near Spring Creek Road having Sunday morning brunch.  At the same time we had a cow and a calf visiting us in our field. 

Then later in the day, just as we were leaving for the open house, this calf was in our yard. 

When Maggie saw him, she growled and barked like we had never heard before.  She was ready to get after that moose.  We didn't let her go after him as we were sure mama moose was out there somewhere.  It was all Retired Mtn. Man could do to hold onto Maggie and keep her from taking off.

The calf slowly walked off to the open house and had a few snacks there.  We did too.  Great food, wassail, wine and some music later.  What a nice day.

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