Friday, December 23, 2011

Changes for 2012

The basement.  The place where everything gets dumped until it is put away in it's proper location.  When we first built our house in 1980, the basement was not finished.  No sheet rock, no flooring, no bathroom.  We did install sheet rock right away, but it was not finished.  We left it that way on purpose.  After all, it was our sons' room.  They spent quite a bit of time crashing about and smashing into walls, etc.  Boys will be boys.
"If you are going to rough house, go downstairs and don't come back up!" 

As time went on we gradually started to finish it.  Someone gave us bathroom fixtures.  I taped and finished the sheet rock and then added the paint.  Someone else gave us pieces of carpet.  The boys grew up and moved out.  Now it has become the guest room/playroom for all of the kids when they visit.  It is still not what you would call "finished", but it's functional.

Well, it is about to be transformed into something entirely different.  A music studio.  Yes indeed, the band members have purchased a Yamaha PA system which we will set up in the basement, along with my keyboard and mics and mic stands.

We haven't told our children or grandchildren that their guest room is about to become history.  Once New Year's Eve is over, the basement room becomes the band's music studio.  They will have to get used to sleeping in-between the speakers, amplifiers, and assorted instruments.  Life is full of changes.

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